This week on Taste Buddies, puntahan natin ang dalawang kilig destinations sa Tagaytay! Feel the romantic vibes kasama sina Dave Bornea at Lindsay De Vera. For an afternoon chillax time with your bae or honey, head over to Dreamland Arts And Café. Hindi lang yummy food and refreshing drinks ang aabangan, dahil instagram-worthy place rinContinue reading “[TASTE BUDDIES ARCHIVES] DREAMLAND CAFE & CAFE D’ AMORE TAGAYTAY”


Get ready to witness your fit and fierce Taste Buddies this Saturday! While some are scared to face their fear of heights, hosts Solenn Heussaff and Rhian Ramos prove that they can defy gravity… the flying trapeze style! The girls, together with Matthias Rhoads, Mona Lisa Nueboeck and Krisha Francisco, who are from the newest GMA NewsContinue reading “[TASTE BUDDIES ARCHIVE] FLYING TRAPEZE & ZHU KITCHEN @ BGC”


Taste Buddies, uhm, what is it? It’s a show that airs on GMA News TV every Saturday night with Solenn Heussaff and Rhian Ramos as the hosts. The show is basically where we see the fresh, fun and fab adventures of Solenn and Rhian.  Food tasting, and a whole lot more with the girls! IContinue reading “TASTE BUDDIES”

What you should pack in your Travel Kit

TOSS: Travel Kit Must-Haves No matter where you’re heading for your next travel, there are few must-have items that will make everything run a bit more efficiently. Get to know four items that will make a handy Must-Have Travel Kit. 1. BANDANA There are countless ways to use a bandanna: hair tie, headband, scarf, handContinue reading “What you should pack in your Travel Kit”

Why it’s more fun in the Philippines

Why it’s more fun in the Philippines… Traveling is enriching. Not only do you get to take home with you some souvenir items, but more importantly, you get to treasure priceless memories. But before jet setting all over the world, take time to explore your home land. Here in the Philippines, we’ve got a lotContinue reading “Why it’s more fun in the Philippines”

PLM- Film Society

So you’re also into watching movies? A cinephile? A movie fan? A usual attendee in local film festivals? Want to Netflix and chill, as well? Me, too! When I was in college, I co-founded the PLM- Film Society with my friend and co-writer in the university publication. Let’s call him Macky Macarayan, a certified filmContinue reading “PLM- Film Society”

Travel Pa More!

Travel On a Shoe String… Ever heard of this term? This means, “Traveling the cheapest way possible. Staying at the cheapest hotels or hostels, going to free exhibits or museums. Using public transportation to get places because it’s typically cheaper than commercial transporation or driving a car,” according to a Yahoo! user on this post.Continue reading “Travel Pa More!”