Watch: Teaching Students Who Live Under a Bridge in the Philippines

I just want to spread hope and inspiration during these trying times. Today is day 15 of the enhanced community quarantine. In the Philippines where I am from, the COVID-19 positive cases have reached almost 1, 500 as of this writing. The least thing that I can do is to spark some positivity. I haveContinue reading “Watch: Teaching Students Who Live Under a Bridge in the Philippines”

Kumu, positivity amidst the #COVID19 pandemic in Manila

As I write this, we are currently on Day 12 of the enhanced community quarantine here in Metro Manila, Philippines. It is March 25, 2020, Wednesday, as I write this. While everyone wants to remain hopeful that we will survive this pandemic, the anxiety and fear combined is very much palpable where I live. IContinue reading “Kumu, positivity amidst the #COVID19 pandemic in Manila”

Help these kids thru the Education Under the Bridge Program

In 2018, we made a short documentary about Fe Matullano-Lustańas, a teacher who is the brainchild of the Education Under the Bridge project. Teacher Fe has an advocacy and that is to educate the children/youth who live under the bridge in Barangay La Huerta in Parañaque City. Our short docu about her was recognized byContinue reading “Help these kids thru the Education Under the Bridge Program”

Film Fridays: Watch some scenes from the Hidden Cinema Congress

Whew, it has been a while! And now I’m releasing some never-before-seen footage from the Hidden Cinema Congress that happened last month. I wrote about it in detail in this post. And now I’m compiling the videos that I took from the said event. Here, you’ll be seeing film historian and academician, Nick Deocampo, filmContinue reading “Film Fridays: Watch some scenes from the Hidden Cinema Congress”

Photo Diary – January & February 2018

Sharing life moments thru photos. This is Marlon Fuentes, with his wife, Rio. Marlon has Tourette’s Syndrome but this did not hinder him from being an Uber driver. Yup, he was that driver whose placard was shown in that Facebook post that became viral last January. This February 22, we’ll get to know his storyContinue reading “Photo Diary – January & February 2018”

WATCH: Wonderwoman block screening

Last June, Team Enlighten hosted a block screening of Wonderwoman. That’s to raise some funds for our outreach, which I have been talking about (endlessly). Haha! Anyway, the PLM FilmSoc kids made some video out of their coverage that day and this is it:    

Why you should volunteer at least once in your life

July 2017. What an eventful month. So tired. Seriously. Ugh. But not giving up! A high school friend of mine got married. I graduated from a short Sales course at UP. I am preparing for the upcoming sem for my MA schoolwork. All these just added to my already hectic writing job at GMA. ButContinue reading “Why you should volunteer at least once in your life”