[Glow Up] Everyday Makeup and Closet Makeover for College Students

This week, our style council will help address the fashion dilemma of a UP student. Her problem? A limited wardrobe collection. Style Council members Winwyn Marquez and Thia Thomalla are here to the rescue. In University of the Philippines, students such as CK David do not have a school uniform. And while other students getContinue reading “[Glow Up] Everyday Makeup and Closet Makeover for College Students”

Happy to be part of Kumu, A Filipino Livestreaming and Social App

Earlier this year, I got an offer to work for a digital platform. I thought it was a digital marketing agency which needed content writers. I’m glad it was Kumu. What is Kumu anyway? Kumu is livestream app “that prioritizes the voices of over 100 million Filipinos around the world.” By livestreaming in the app,Continue reading “Happy to be part of Kumu, A Filipino Livestreaming and Social App”

Kumu, positivity amidst the #COVID19 pandemic in Manila

As I write this, we are currently on Day 12 of the enhanced community quarantine here in Metro Manila, Philippines. It is March 25, 2020, Wednesday, as I write this. While everyone wants to remain hopeful that we will survive this pandemic, the anxiety and fear combined is very much palpable where I live. IContinue reading “Kumu, positivity amidst the #COVID19 pandemic in Manila”

Film analysis: Man With A Movie Camera (1929) and The Birth of A Nation (1915)

I noticed that Russian filmmaker Dziga Vertov, in his 1929 movie called Man with a Movie Camera (MWAMC), borrowed several concepts from D.W. Griffith. First, the use of close-ups. Vertov would shoot establishing shots of the place or of his subjects, then sometimes, he shifts closer to the subject by doing a medium/extreme close-up. BothContinue reading “Film analysis: Man With A Movie Camera (1929) and The Birth of A Nation (1915)”

Color in Film: Raging Bull and Pi

Color helps a movie tell its story. It shows a character’s journey. Both the lead characters in Raging Bull (RB) and Pi — Jake LaMotta played by Robert de Niro and Max Cohen played by Sean Gullette, respectively — are unbalanced, emotionally-destructive and eccentric.

Glow Up Love: 41st Wedding Anniversary

In a time where most relationships do not last that long, Lola Mel Delos Reyes and her husband Lolo Tomas is on the road to forever. They will celebrate their 41st anniversary this 2020. In time for their celebration, their daughter, Grace, wrote Glow Up so her mom can experience the fabulous transformation she soContinue reading “Glow Up Love: 41st Wedding Anniversary”

iPhone problems after updating to iOS 13

So I have been worried for days since i encountered a ‘memory full’ storage problem after updating to iOS 13. As someone who cant just wipe out data right then and there on her phone because calls and updates were expected over the weekend, i’ve become restless since i was left with only 2 gig(!).Continue reading “iPhone problems after updating to iOS 13”

#Hugot Playlist on Sarap, ‘Di Ba?

When it comes to love, are you Team Sawi (Loser) or Team Wagi (Winner)? This weekend, your favorite Kapuso singers and idols will confess their greatest love stories and heartbreaks! It’s a morning full of hugot lines and theme songs. Watch out for award-winning actress and comedienne Tuesday Vargas and versatile stand-up comic and host, Boobay, together with The Clash Season One alumni Golden Cañedo and Jong Madaliday. While confessing their saddest stories of theContinue reading “#Hugot Playlist on Sarap, ‘Di Ba?”

[Glow Up] A Former Beauty Contestant gets pampered like a beauty queen again

This week on Glow Up… A former beauty contestant will be pampered like a beauty queen! The three hosts — Winwyn, Thia and Michelle — who are all title holders in international beauty competitions will sure ly make her feel at ease in her transformation today. Eunice Dampil, now 21 years old, used to joinContinue reading “[Glow Up] A Former Beauty Contestant gets pampered like a beauty queen again”