Lucky Single Mom gets a FREE Glow Up treatment

Ever since she got separated from the father of her kids, Arvie Anatacio’s self-esteem suddenly dropped. This even caused her to gain more than ten pounds. The 34-year-old mom, who used to be a bubbly lady to have around, became strangely anxious and oddly reserved. But now she has come to understand that this is not doing her any good, especially to her children. So she decided to Glow Up!


Our hosts, Win and Thia, will help Arvie bring back her natural positivity through a complete makeover. They say a woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life, and that’s exactly what Arvie is set to receive on the first part of her transformation. Good bye to the old, and welcome to the new look!


As someone who also didn’t spend so much time putting makeup on herself, now Arvie gets to know the basics of everyday makeup for busy moms like her. And lastly, a styling session with the hosts inspires Arvie to flaunt her curves.

From being anxious, Arvie now learns to be proud of whatever she has gone through, making her stronger than ever before. Watch her Glow Up journey this Sunday at 8 p.m. on GMA News TV.


[Glow Up] A Former Beauty Contestant gets pampered like a beauty queen again


This week on Glow Up…

A former beauty contestant will be pampered like a beauty queen! The three hosts — Winwyn, Thia and Michelle — who are all title holders in international beauty competitions will sure

ly make her feel at ease in her transformation today.

Eunice Dampil, now 21 years old, used to join beauty pageants. During her teens, she usually competes in beauty contests but this all stopped when she got pregnant. She has no regrets but her dream of being a beauty queen is now unlikely to happen.

But that doesn’t mean it’s all over for her now because she will be given a pep talk by Mrs. Universe 2019, Patricia Javier. A professional stylist to beauty queens, Bessie Besana returns to the show to dress her up in style!

Plus to complete her Glow Up experience, the glam team of Ms. World Philippines 2019, Michelle Dee, will do her hair and makeup today.

Catch the mesmerizing transformation of Eunice this week on Glow Up. It airs every Sunday, 8pm on GMA News TV.