MARS MONDAY: Carlos Agassi and Michael Angelo Lobrin

Pick up some fitspiration tips and positivity from tonight’s guests– Kapuso hunk CarlosAgassi and Motivational Speaker-turned-actor Michael Angelo Lobrin. In the True Lies segment, both of them will reveal an intriguing statement about themselves… the catch is we have to be sure if they’re saying the truth or just bluffing. See the funny revelations tonight.

Carlos will also serve an extra cheesy dish for Fry-Day. Make sure to tune in so you can also make a version of his Cheesy Chicken Fritters recipe. But for those who are strictly dieting, Mars has an exercise segment that you might enjoy. Tonight’s episode will showcase a group exercise with Coach Ronie Burguillos.

But he is not the only expert who will be on the show. In Paranormars, we will shed the light about unlucky jewelries. And each of them will verify with expert Mary Cuevas if the jewelry they have been using bring them bad luck or otherwise.

Mars airs every weeknight at 7:10 in the evening on GMA News TV.

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MARS MONDAY: Terry Gian and Tammy Brown on Mars

Comedians Terry Gian and Tammy Brown will bring loads of fun to the chikahan for tonight! See them answer questions On The Spot! It is here where they will reveal secrets that they have yet to share in showbiz!
Pushing for more thrills this November, the Paranormars segment explores themes on paranoia and psychic awareness. How do you know if you’re just overthinking or if you’re already experiencing a supernatural event? Rob Rubin, a paranormal expert, differentiates the two and offers some insights to protect ourselves from paranoia.
Growing up in Angeles, Pampanga Terry boasts some culinary gem from the province. His Huwebest treat will be the Tortang Kapampangan!
To cap off the night, coach Jonnell Ramos leads the night’s workout session. Tune in for his single dumb bell exercise regiment that you can also do at home.
Make it a Thursday night full of chikahan by tuning on Mars weeknights, 7pm on GMA News TV.
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MARS MONDAY: Lovely Abella and Pekto of Sunday Pinasaya


In Mars, not only do we get to see the fun side of the Kapuso stars because here, we also discover their talents other than acting.

In Handy Mars, sexy- comedienne Lovely Abella shows us how to craft our own ref magnets so that we can personalize our ref decorations. Meanwhile, in the kitchen, comedian Pekto reveals a side of him that loves to cook when he introduces us to his vegetarian-friendly dish, Tofu Tacos.
We also witness Lovely and Pekto unleash their competitive side when they face off Suzi and Camille in a game that requires teamwork and coordination. Tune in for that in the Mars Magaling  Taglish Vocabulary challenge.
The night is not complete without some chikahan catch-up with the guests. So Lovely and Pekto discuss their thoughts and insights about everything related to status in Grab-A-Word.
Make sure to catch this tonight on Mars! 7pm on GMA News TV.

MARS MONDAY: Lovely Rivero and Eagle Riggs

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On the last day of the Mars October’s Best Bazaar, Eagle Riggs and Lovely Rivero bring the fun to the discussion when they reveal their secrets in True Lies. Guess who’s partially deaf and guess who among them does not use a deodorant due to allergy. Are they truths or lies?
Since Mars is about sharing, Lovely showcases her mother’s recipe which is an all-time favorite of hers. It’s called the Crispy Fish Fillet with Sweet Spicy Sauce! Find out the special ingredient that makes it extra crispy! Clue, it’s very affordable and accessible!
Eagle is also teaching us something new. For those who can’t afford a high-class oven, turn your flower pot into one! How? Better see it for yourself on this episode.
To cap off the show, the hosts and guests will face off in an intense Forbidden Word challenge that tests their vocabulary and guessing skills.
Make sure to tune in tonight on Mars!

MARS MONDAY: Paul Salas and Jim Salas of Universal Motion Dancers

It will be the first time that father and son Paul and Jim Salas will headline MARS. Suzi and Camille will surely give them a warm welcome especially to Paul whose back to being a Kapuso after so many years! The guys are set to make it an unforgettable guesting because each of them has his own paandar!

Being a self-confessed basketball fan, Paul gives us a step-by-step guide to make a trash bin inspired by basketball! And Jim shows off his signature dance moves that make us reminisce the 90s when he was with the Universal Motion Dancers.

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For Huwebest, a special Honey Ribs recipe will be prepared by Chef Karl Kaw. Sarap to the bones, indeed. So be sure to tune in at 7 tonight on Mars on GMA NEWS TV!

MARS MONDAY: Revilla Brothers


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In a rare occasion, the Revilla Brothers will be on Mars to join the discussion with Mars Camille and Mars Suzi. Is it really true that your birth order affects your personality? The brothers will help us debunk the myths and reveal the facts in a fun activity on Mars Sharing Group.

Aside from being an actor and politician, Jolo is a self-taught cook. His love for food makes him prepare dishes for his family and one of his signature recipes is the Steak Fried Rice. Our Mars will also get a taste of that tonight. Meanwhile, Luigi is a black belter in mixed martial arts. He will be leading the Workout Ni Idol segment featuring his training exercises.

In the movies, the Revillas are also known to have filmed stories about anting-anting and agimat. Let’s find out more about them with a psychic consultant, Chito Mercader on Paranormars.

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So much fun chikahan is in store fo you tonight so don’t miss this Mars episode on 7pm only on GMA News TV.