Hope Springs, 2019

I’m going to challenge myself this year by focusing on what I had been really wanting to pursue, and to pay attention to a few things I also hope to improve on. That includes photography. In the coming days, I’ll be posting random snapshots and some musings that go along with it. Moreover, The DogwoodContinue reading “Hope Springs, 2019”

PETA’s ‘NIGHT, MOTHER press preview highlights

Better late than never talaga. On January 24 this year, I was invited to the special press preview of PETA’s ‘NIGHT, MOTHER. It’s a brave depiction of someone experiencing depression, and about to commit suicide. PETA is still staging it so catch it if you can. Sharing to you some highlights during the ‘debriefing’ afterContinue reading “PETA’s ‘NIGHT, MOTHER press preview highlights”

Why I still work on New Year’s Eve

Welcome 2018! For more than five years now, I’ve celebrated New Year at the SM Mall of Asia. Not to hangout with family or friends. Not to mingle with strangers somewhere in the MOA Bay area as we wait ’til the clock strikes midnight. I frequent MOA on New Year’s Eve because I choose toContinue reading “Why I still work on New Year’s Eve”

Photo Diary: Kalsada by Solenn Heussaff

So last November, my friend, Patricia and I visited the The Provenance Gallery at Shang at The Fort to see Solenn Heussaff’s exhibit. Admittedly, Pat and I are not art experts. We just fancied visiting a new place in town that we’ve never been before, and it happens that we were also interested in Solenn’sContinue reading “Photo Diary: Kalsada by Solenn Heussaff”

Writing for the Christmas Special

Hello, and Merry Merry Christmas! As I write this, I am filled by so much joy and gratitude because of my Christmas experience this year! Doesn’t get much cheesier than updating my site while in the background now is Spotify’s Christmas Peaceful Piano playlist. Currently playing: Mila Crowell’s It’s Beginning to Look a Lot likeContinue reading “Writing for the Christmas Special”

Learning Black and White Film Photography

Happy Halloween! Tomorrow, November is here. Pretty long time since I’ve updated this website. My last update was back in August, and I made up my mind just now: I have to post something just before October ends. Hello, very much alive here. Sooooooooo many things have happened, and about to happen soon! And IContinue reading “Learning Black and White Film Photography”