What it feels to go to the 2018 NBS Warehouse Sale

It was a Friday. Just had to rush to the Quezon Avenue branch of National Book Store. They were having a warehouse sale! A few years ago, I went to one and I went cray! There were a lot of affordable finds– both local and foreign titles– precious and hard-to-find selections for as low as 50php! That was probably 4 years ago at the same place.

So I was disappointed when I set foot again this time around because comparatively, there wasn’t much of a variety. Unlike those I saw several years ago where I bought fiction titles to references and of course movies and pop culture. Also, I am probably looking for the same variety with what #BigBadBooksPH had offered during its short visit here in Manila last month.

Also, in terms of book selections, the titles I saw were usually the same ones I encounter during a normal trip to Book Sale.

Anyway, I took home four books: Cheryl Strayed’s WILD. Rough Guides to Italy and Sienna, Bernhard Schlink’s THE READER, and some How-To-Millenial book.

Here’s basically what went through as captured by my handy phone! Haha

National Book Store Warehouse Sale 2018. Vlogging. Quezon Avenue. Lots of books. Discount. Sale. Promo.
National Book Store Warehouse Sale 2018. Vlogging. Quezon Avenue. Lots of books. Discount. Sale. Promo.

Mike de Leon’s CITIZEN JAKE invitational screening

So last Saturday at the UP Cine Adarna, I was at the invitational screening of Mike de Leon’s comeback film after almost two decades, CITIZEN JAKE. It was a full house featuring notable names from the showbiz industry.

CITIZEN JAKE will have its public screening starting tomorrow, March 14. Check out the UP Cine Adarna’s official Facebook page and social media accounts for details. 🙂 #MikeDeLeon #CitizenJake

Check it out here!


PETA’s ‘NIGHT, MOTHER press preview highlights

Better late than never talaga. On January 24 this year, I was invited to the special press preview of PETA’s ‘NIGHT, MOTHER. It’s a brave depiction of someone experiencing depression, and about to commit suicide. PETA is still staging it so catch it if you can. Sharing to you some highlights during the ‘debriefing’ after the play. #NightMother

Watch it here.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

PETA: ‘Night, Mother

Attended the special press preview of ‘Night, Mother starring Eugene Domingo and Sherry Lara. It’s gripping and very compelling.

Sherry Lara is a must-see. A delicate, nuanced performance that tugs the heart. Eugene Domingo is also amazing! Good to see these powerhouse combo onstage. #peta #theater #ManilaTheater #WhenInManila

Catch it this February at #peta #petaNightMother #SherryLara #EugeneDomingo