Real Pinays Share Their Worst Experiences of People Who Don’t Pay Their Utang Back

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At some point in your life, you’ve accrued a bit of debt, and if you have a credit card, then you’ve obviously had utang at every swipe. There’s actually nothing wrong with debt if it’s managed well; the issue starts when the person borrowing money can’t pay back.

This unfortunately is the story of many of us na nagpautang—minsan kinalilimutan nang magbayad ng nangutang. Worse, we get seen-zoned every time we ask for our money back.

In our most recent #FNAsks, we requested for your worst utang experience and how you dealt with it. The stories you sent range from mild annoyances to full-time horror stories, all of which we can definitely learn from:

Make sure to put a cap on the amount you’re willing to lend.

Hanggang 3k lang kasi may mga taong magaling mangutang at paawa epek pero mahirap singilin, tatawanan ka pa ‘pag nakatalikod ka na.” – Rocelyne Kangleon

Lend money only when you know the person asking for it crucially needs it.

Ikaw na lang ang mananawa maningil, kaya it’s a matter of life and death na lang dapat kung magpautang. Nakakadala, nakakaasar na makita na may mga bago siyang shoes na iniyayabang sa social media.” – Haydee Buban

Don’t be afraid to ask for your money back—repeatedly.

Sa ‘kin 500 lang naman ang inutang, ‘di pa bayad ‘gang ngayon, siguro over five years na rin. Tapos ‘pag nagsimula ang BER months, biglang nangangamusta, ‘kumare’ ang tawag sa ‘kin (nagpaparamdam kasi inaanak ko anak niya).” – Ai Epiz

Nangutang pero one year to pay pala… Hindi kami na-inform, hehehe, peace.” – Zai Ramos Bronzal.

Hahahaha ayon ‘di na ako kinakausap, kinamusta ko lang naman, ‘seen’ lang ang peg.” – Mariah Abella

Lend money to those only whom you trust…

“Hahahaha hindi po ako nagpapautang talaga. As in. Call me madamot or what pero once nagpautang ako sa trusted na tao. ‘Yong alam kong worthy talaga. Hindi na ako nagpapabayad. ‘Yon nga lang hindi talaga ako nagpapautang.” – Jarbel Librando Ramo

…And be careful in choosing people to trust.

Nagtratrabaho kami sa isang company ni Ateng, pero ‘di kami close or friends, or whatsoever… Ipinakilala lang siya sa ‘kin ng TL ko kasi need ko talaga ng pera n’on. So ayon, may kakilala si Ateng na nagpapautang ng pera, pero collateral is ATM. Umutang ako, nagtataka pa ‘ko n’on bakit napaka-accommodating ni Ateng, sinamahan niya pa ‘ko doon sa bahay nung lender only to find out na ‘yong original amount pala ng inutang ko pinatungan niya ng extra para sa kanya.  Nung nalaman ko sabi niya magbabayad lang siya sa ‘kin every sahod… Kailangan ko pa siyang habul-habulin para lang magbayad, siya kasi nakapangalan sa ‘kin ‘yong buong amount. Hindi ko na iisa-isahin lahat ng excuse niya para hindi makapagbayad, pero nagbunga naman lahat ng pagsisikap kong pilitin siya. Hayop na experience ‘yon. ‘Di naman kami close, makikipatong pa.” – Nsy Ayshan

“2017, nabudol ako ng officemate ko i-swipe siya ng tatlong Macbook priced 164k each, plus 150k cash advance… Prior to that, may mga pa-swipe na siya and nabayaran naman so I thought kaya niya. Unang installment pa lang sumablay na, hanggang sa every month puro excuses na lang. Magbigay man, barya lang. Literally, naubos savings ko kakaabono ng monthly payments—no choice ako, card ko ‘yon e. Hanggang sa minimum due na lang nababayaran ko at lumobo ang interests.

“For a while tinaguan niya ako until magpa-blotter ako sa barangay nila. I guess, nakalampag siya, so nagparamdam at nakipagusap. She agreed to pay 66k a month, pero nawala lang ulit siya. Next, nagpadala na ako ng demand letter. Nakipagusap ulit siya at nagbigay ng mga cheke as partial payment. Nagtalbugan lahat ng cheke, una pa lang closed account na agad ang sabi ng bank.

“So heto ako ngayon, nagbabayad pa rin ng utang niya. The good thing that came out of the pandemic is that nag-offer ang mga cards ko ng payment structuring at discounted rates. It will take a while bago ko matapos lahat ng payments pero at least alam kong matatapos. There was a time na sobrang depressed ko… Nagtatrabaho ako to pay someone else’s debt just because I trusted a ‘friend’. I felt stupid, pero katangahan ko lang masisisi ko. I was deprived, my family was deprived, of my own earnings. Until now, nangangako pa rin siya na magbabayad pero parang ako pa ang nanlilimos sa pabarya-baryang bigay nya. Lahat na ng pakiusap nagawa ko, mabait na usap, galit na usap, nagmumurang usap… walang talab. Sadyang makapal ang mukha nya at sanay sa pangloloko.” – May Kristina Manalang Urbano

Magpapa-utang ka pa ba?

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with lending money; it’s actually kindness to help another person out in time of need. However, you also need to remember that whatever you lend is an amount you wouldn’t mind losing or you wouldn’t have a hard time getting back; sarili mo pa rin ang dapat mong priority kung magpapautang ka.

Sadly, there are some “trust-worthy” people who change their colors when money is involved, so always make sure that you’re first covered. If you’re lending a big amount, always put everything in writing. While verbal agreements hold water, written ones can better keep you and your assets protected as they can be considered as hard proof of your financial arrangement. Should things go downhill and legal remedies are needed, a paper trail can help strengthen your case.

*Some answers were edited by FemaleNetwork editors for clarity.

Pia Wurtzbach Refrains From Buying Luxury Items: “Kasi hindi rin nagagamit”

This originally appeared here: Female Network

Pia Wurtzbach has learned to be more conscious of her luxury splurges amid the pandemic.

On Wednesday night, January 20, 2021, the 31-year-old actress-beauty queen answered some of her fans’ questions during her “True or False” session on Instagram Stories.

In one of her posts, Pia revealed that it has been a while since she bought a designer item. She explained, “I stopped doing this like since last year kasi hindi rin nagagamitAt saka, minsan parang pag binuksan mo iyong cabinet parang naiisip mo, ‘Grabe, ano ba itong mga binili ko?'”

In a separate post, Pia noted that she is not a brand-conscious person. She said, “I appreciate all kinds of brands. I love signature brands and even high-street brands, Filipino brands. I just mix it up.”

Even when it comes to gifts, the former Miss Universe titleholder reiterated the saying, “It’s the thought that counts.” Pia said, “Lahat ng mga klaseng regalo naa-appreciate ko. Lalo na kapag pinag-isipan talaga at maythought. Kahit na drawing lang iyan, na-appreciate ko iyan. 

Wala iyan sa halaga, guys.”

Pia was last seen on TV as host of ABS-CBN’s dance competition World of Dance Philippines in 2019. She has not been active in the local showbiz scene since then. 

In her Instagram Stories, the beauty queen said she is focusing on her different business ventures.

Pia is currently based in Morocco with her boyfriend Jeremy Jauncey and has revealed her plans to go back to the Philippines.

Enjoying a bowl of ramen and celebrating small wins in the insurance industry

As reposted from Instagram 12/12/2020:

Treating myself to a big bowl of ramen. #latepost 😂

Celebrating small wins because as we all know it has been a tough year. I thought I would be jobless when quarter 2 came.

My friend Patrick Tianzon invited me to be part of their team, and well, due to the economic downturn I knew I have to adapt… real quick! Bills don’t stop from haunting you, do they. #TitaJudith

Fast forward December and I received a good news. 🙏Grateful to know that the hard work done this year paid off. I know a lot of us are struggling in our own ways to cope during a pandemic so I refrained from posting on social media; I did not want to give the wrong impression. 🙏

But later on, I thought this could also be my way of thanking our team, Patrick and our partners (calling them that rather than addressing them as ‘clients’) because it was truly touching to know that everyone’s so giving and supportive… especially because this is like all so new to me! Wah! 😱

Thanking also dear @jnlpangindian for the huge help and motivation when we started our project. Always so understanding and collaborative.

I also have to mention @lrgl.mrfl because she’s the first person who believed in me. @ladygaga said nga diba… it only takes one person… and you know the rest.

I don’t know if I should tag the rest of our partners because I know they also value privacy but I think I have DMed you all na…

Again, thank you all. 🤗 Your genuine support warms my heart just like how this ramen keeps me cozy amidst the holiday breeze 😂🍜

Sweet November, I’m back!

Hello, anybody home? Helloooo?

I have been really busy the past months, but I guess the question is… what made me come back?

I have recently connected with a college pal on LinkedIn. He told me he saw my website, and he was glad that I’m doing well, and it did not surprise him I pursued this path.

As communication majors, I guess I’m one of the lucky ones who are still thriving in the media industry.

And then it hit me… oh yeah, I have a website! :))

Also, a few weeks ago, I got a message from a stranger who said Glow Up inspired her. FYI, Glow Up is a show that I had worked on for the past year. Her comment – however random – motivated me to write again.

It was so random, unexpected. But it made me realize how important it is to establish your online presence.

Before writing this, though, I had to be honest with myself.

Why am I doing a blog?

Is someone really reading my blog? What is this for? Who is my audience? I have an audience?

I guess it boils down to intent – or as Simon Sinek says… Knowing Your Why. Start with Your Why.

And though it sounds like cliche, I want this blog to be a therapy.

I write for a living. But I guess I have to go back to that feeling of writing as a form of creative expression.

It feels liberating to write away without thinking about your editor, boss, or deadline.

I miss writing… just.because.

My next question was… what will I write about?

Blogging has come a long way. Before when you say blog, it basically means you want everyone to know about how you feel. It’s like literally baring yourself to the world.

But today, for me, blogging means business. Everything is business!

We live in a consumerist, capitalist world. And while I also think that blogging can be a source of passsive income, I’d like to think it’s not why I’m here.

I’m doing this because I miss writing for myself. Let’s just see how it goes.

I’m still afraid that I won’t be able to sustain it – meaning write regularly, or on a weekly basis. But I will try.

So to my college pal on LinkedIn and that random girl who read my blog a while back, thank you.

I will continue writing for as long as I know someone’s reading blog, or browsing my website.

Here’s wishing I can inspire or motivate you, in the way I know how. 🙂


Facebook Shops launch + Best Live Streaming Tool To Grow Your Businesses

BeLive Live streaming

This week, Facebook Shops was launched. This is an excellent opportunity for Small and Medium-sized Businesses (SMBs), and this is where BeLive can help them.

What is BeLive? BeLive is an easy to use and customizable web-based streaming platform that supports Facebook and YouTube. SMBs can foster a deeper and more authentic connection with customers by going live online. Live streaming is an indispensable tool for small businesses for customer engagement

With the lockdown because of the COVID-19 pandemic, many SMBs are engaging with their target audiences via live streaming and they are successfully converting viewers into customers.


In BeLive, we have 700 million engaged viewers worldwide. Communities like religious organizations, personal development, holistic wellness, entertainers, and even comic book stores are going live in our platform every day!

BeLive is a Facebook Live Video Solutions Partner that engages your audience and grows your community. Our mission is to help broadcasters, business owners, and content creators grow their communities through live videos


Why BeLive? You can promote your brand: add your brand logo, change custom colors and overlays anytime during your show, boost engagement, show your viewers’ live comments on the screen and use lower-third text to emphasize a topic. You can grow your community: invite up to 10 guests with your permanent link and show up to four people on screen. Zero setup; Go-Live instantly. All you need is your laptop and an internet connection.

I would be happy to share more insights if you need it. I’m so stoked to help you guys out!

Regards and stay safe!

Florence M. Rosini is a media relations, content and multimedia specialist based in Manila, Philippines. She is currently connected with BeLive, Kumu and GMA Network.

Glow Up: Bride to Be Makeup and Fashion Styling + Prenup photoshoot

It’s easy to say that love knows no boundaries, but it’s another thing to prove it. Our Glow Up case study this week, Angela Gallanosa, walks her talk.

Angela and her fiance Kirill Vasiliskovs made their long-distance relationship work, but it was more challenging than the usual love story because of their cultural differences. One is Asian, and the other is European. Kirill is living in Latvia but born in Ukraine.

But because true love always wins, all’s well will end well. Like in the Filipino proverb, “sa hinaba-haba nang prusisyon, sa simbahan rin ang tuloy”.

True enough for Angela and Kirilo who tied the knot last February!

Glow Up Angela 3

Our hosts, Win and Thia, will take the role of their wedding fairy godmothers as they lead their prenuptial shoot! Pooling the best in their fields, our hosts will invite celebrity and professional makeup artist Tor Torre to do Angela’s prenup makeup!

A hairstylist to the bright stars today, Mark Anthony Rosales will make our bride-to-be shine in a special hair styling session.

Glow Up Angela 2

And our hosts will give a handful of style advice for the soon-to-be bride in terms of the best OOTDs for a prenup photoshoot! And to complete this special episode, photographer Daniel Miralles will lead the photo shoot for today.

Like her, perhaps you should let your love story be your reason to Glow Up! Catch it this Sunday, at 8pm on GMA News TV.

Glow Up Angela 1

Photos courtesy of Mr. Daniel Miralles.


Professional live streaming made easy with BeLive

BeLive: Professional live streaming

I am so stoked to share that I am now connected with a promising live streaming platform based in Israel called BeLive. It took a while for me to tell you the good news because I don’t want to pre-empt anything, but finally, it can now be revealed.


One of the most exciting things for me as a freelancer is working with award-winning brands and leading organizations from just about anywhere in the world. Ever since the lockdown though, it’s sad to know that many people lost their jobs. Thankfully, I am one of the lucky ones who was able to join a multi-national company who can adjust to the work-from-home setup.

So what is BeLive?

BeLive is a professional and easy-to-use web-based live streaming platform with over 700 million engaged viewers worldwide. Business owners and content creators find BeLive very effective.

During the lockdown, there was a 300% increase in sign-ups and website traffic from countries like Italy and Colombia. Why? Because they find BeLive helpful in communicating with their audience.

We also found out that the average BeLive stream is more effective in comparison to other native application streams.

Screen Shot 2020-05-11 at 1.57.41 AM

In short, here are amazing benefits you can get from using BeLive today:

  1. You can now host your own live talk show.
  2. BeLive is the ultimate marketing tool to help SMBs promote their brand, interact with and engage with their audience, and grow their community
  3. Live streaming cuts through the social media clutter and offers consumers the authenticity they’re seeking
  4. Content creators can use live streaming to entertain home-bound, captive audiences.
  5. BeLive offers professional broadcasting services for everyone with a simple click, not just the tech-savvy or those who can afford high-end technology, which is especially critical for SMBs on a tight budgetwithout IT support.

These are just some of the things you can take advantage of while using BeLive. I’d be happy to share more details; just send me a quick hello through email at 🙂

Have a great day ahead!

[Glow Up] Fashion and Styling Tips for Short Women

GU Short Girl Kris Bernal Ep

Glow Up #ShortGirlProblems.

That’s what the Style Council is going to deal with this week!

Reina Hispanoamericana 2018 Winwyn Marquez and Miss World Philippines 2019 Michelle Dee will be the dependable experts who will help Jericel Alvarez feel confident despite her petite stance.

Joining them is this week’s guest style council member, Kris Bernal, who was previously bashed because she is petite.

GU Short Girl Kris Bernal Ep 2

Fashion Tips

Standing at 4 feet 9 inches, Jericel feels like people still treat her like a kid although she’s already 21 years old. So Kris will serve as an inspiration for Jericel to stand tall and be confident!

Appropriate Makeup

To address that, Wyn will teach her a go-to makeup look that is age-appropriate. And for Michelle, it’s up to her to share styling tips that are flattering for her body type and height.

That’s what is in store for you this week on Glow Up, 8pm on GMA News TV.


F25 (1)


[Glow Up] Everyday Makeup and Closet Makeover for College Students

This week, our style council will help address the fashion dilemma of a UP student. Her problem? A limited wardrobe collection. Style Council members Winwyn Marquez and Thia Thomalla are here to the rescue.

CK Glow Up

In University of the Philippines, students such as CK David do not have a school uniform. And while other students get bored with wearing the same uniform regularly, CK struggles to mix and match her clothes because they are almost always the same. Her fashion staples are limited to skirts and sleeveless tops.

CK Glow Up 2

In the show, Winwyn shows CK three fashion essentials that every girl should have in her closet. Wearing one of them instantly gives a different accent to the whole look. Thia, meanwhile, introduces CK to a renowned makeup artist of celebrities, Tor Torre. Their goal is to glow up CK by teaching her an easy-to-do makeup for everyday wear that she can pull off herself despite her busy schedule being a student-athlete.

CK Glow Up Student

Upgrade your style and confidence. Stay tuned for the next Glow Up Experience every Sunday 8 p.m. on GMA News TV.

Watch the highlights here: