Lucky Single Mom gets a FREE Glow Up treatment

Ever since she got separated from the father of her kids, Arvie Anatacio’s self-esteem suddenly dropped. This even caused her to gain more than ten pounds. The 34-year-old mom, who used to be a bubbly lady to have around, became strangely anxious and oddly reserved. But now she has come to understand that this isContinue reading “Lucky Single Mom gets a FREE Glow Up treatment”

Mars Monday: Joyce Pring and Rita Daniela

Using only song titles as clues, Rita Daniela and Joyce Pring supply the answer to the intriguing mystery questions that will be revealed in Grab-A-Song! We get to know more about these ladies as they confess here something they’ve never done so elsewhere. Rita also headlines Mars Masarap with a recipe taught to her byContinue reading “Mars Monday: Joyce Pring and Rita Daniela”

Mars Monday: Alessandra de Rossi and Philip Lazaro

Alessandra de Rossi and Philip Lazaro join Mars Camille and Mars Suzi on Christmas eve! In our On the Spot segment, both of them have revealed their treasured Christmas traditions. Tune in for the exclusive scoop! For us Filipinos, the Christmas season can be very hectic as well. So for those who are in chargeContinue reading “Mars Monday: Alessandra de Rossi and Philip Lazaro”

MARS MONDAY: Pinky Marquez and Patricia Ismael

How do you react to your kids’ shocking questions? Learn from Moms Patricia Ismael and Pinky Marquez who have tips on Mars Sharing Group!  We’re welcoming December with a bang! Our first day of Mars Christmas Bazaar starts today. A bazaarista will headline Mars Masarap. She will take over the kitchen and prepare the Fresh Lumpia. The holidayContinue reading “MARS MONDAY: Pinky Marquez and Patricia Ismael”

MARS MONDAY: Tess Bomb and Nicki Balaj

Say no to stress and worries! Let Mars give you a reason to enjoy the night away. For this Tuesday, two funny ladies from the Kapuso network are on Mars to spread some good vibes and amazing projects. Watch out for the colorful homemade Christmas decor of Tess and the delicious Mongolian Beef recipe of Nicki! TheContinue reading “MARS MONDAY: Tess Bomb and Nicki Balaj”

MARS MONDAY: Addy Raj and Michelle O’bombShell

You don’t have to possess magical powers or psychic abilities to read someone’s mind. With the help of a mentalist, now you can learn several tricks to decode what someone is really thinking. That is what’s in store for our guests tonight, Kapuso hunk Addy Raj and comedian Michelle Obombshell. Viewers can also pick up some insights fromContinue reading “MARS MONDAY: Addy Raj and Michelle O’bombShell”

MARS MONDAY: Carlos Agassi and Michael Angelo Lobrin

Pick up some fitspiration tips and positivity from tonight’s guests– Kapuso hunk CarlosAgassi and Motivational Speaker-turned-actor Michael Angelo Lobrin. In the True Lies segment, both of them will reveal an intriguing statement about themselves… the catch is we have to be sure if they’re saying the truth or just bluffing. See the funny revelations tonight. Carlos will alsoContinue reading “MARS MONDAY: Carlos Agassi and Michael Angelo Lobrin”

MARS MONDAY: Terry Gian and Tammy Brown on Mars

NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED. THIS AIRED ON GMA NEWS TV. ALL RIGHTS BELONG TO THE NETWORK. I WROTE THE EPISODE FOR GMA.  Comedians Terry Gian and Tammy Brown will bring loads of fun to the chikahan for tonight! See them answer questions On The Spot! It is here where they will reveal secrets that they have yet toContinue reading “MARS MONDAY: Terry Gian and Tammy Brown on Mars”