MARS MONDAY: Terry Gian and Tammy Brown on Mars

NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED. THIS AIRED ON GMA NEWS TV. ALL RIGHTS BELONG TO THE NETWORK. I WROTE THE EPISODE FOR GMA.  Comedians Terry Gian and Tammy Brown will bring loads of fun to the chikahan for tonight! See them answer questions On The Spot! It is here where they will reveal secrets that they have yet toContinue reading “MARS MONDAY: Terry Gian and Tammy Brown on Mars”

MARS MONDAY: Revilla Brothers

  In a rare occasion, the Revilla Brothers will be on Mars to join the discussion with Mars Camille and Mars Suzi. Is it really true that your birth order affects your personality? The brothers will help us debunk the myths and reveal the facts in a fun activity on Mars Sharing Group. Aside from being an actor and politician,Continue reading “MARS MONDAY: Revilla Brothers”