MARS MONDAY: Terry Gian and Tammy Brown on Mars

NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED. THIS AIRED ON GMA NEWS TV. ALL RIGHTS BELONG TO THE NETWORK. I WROTE THE EPISODE FOR GMA.  Comedians Terry Gian and Tammy Brown will bring loads of fun to the chikahan for tonight! See them answer questions On The Spot! It is here where they will reveal secrets that they have yet toContinue reading “MARS MONDAY: Terry Gian and Tammy Brown on Mars”

Mars Mondays: Momo Boys and Terry Gian

No copyright infringement intended. This aired on GMA News TV. All rights belong to the Network. I wrote the episode for GMA. Terry Gian and the Momo Guys will be on Mars! The Momo Guys, the Pinoy hunks who danced their way to fame to the tune of the K-Pop anthem, “Boom Boom” by Momo Land is set to teach MarsContinue reading “Mars Mondays: Momo Boys and Terry Gian”