FilmFridays: Our film goes to Portugal

For a filmmaker like me, it’s always a good thing to know that people would like to watch your films. In my case, our film “Share the Care” goes to Portugal! Buti pa siya. :)) Last week during a vacation trip to Bohol, I’ve received a wonderful news sent to me via e-mail. It’s fromContinue reading “FilmFridays: Our film goes to Portugal”

TOSS Travel Thursdays: Why You Should To Travel

Deadlines. New projects coming in. Client meetings that just gets piled up over time. Sounds stressful, doesn’t it? The grind that we face every single day is not an easy battle to win over. It is tedious, worrisome, and can even result to a burn out. Even if you have a well-organized schedule, it doesn’tContinue reading “TOSS Travel Thursdays: Why You Should To Travel”

TOSS Travel Thursdays: Plan That Perfect Barkada Getaway

How You Can Plan That Perfect Barkada Getaway “Nandirito kami, ang barkada mong tunay Aawit sa’yo Sa lungkot at ligaya, hirap at ginhawa Kami’y kasama mo” Your very own barkada are the people you can run to whenever we hit up rough patches or whenever we experience life’s bests (and worsts). When the barkada getsContinue reading “TOSS Travel Thursdays: Plan That Perfect Barkada Getaway”

TOSS Travel Tuesdays: Trips to do to get over a break-up

TOSS Travel Thursdays: Where To Go After A Break-up And Some Songs To Accompany Your Trip (Part 1) When looking for ways to mend a broken heart, why not go on a travel adventure that encourages you to do some soul-searching? Yes, eating a tub of ice cream or eat-crying with chips while watching BridgetContinue reading “TOSS Travel Tuesdays: Trips to do to get over a break-up”

TOSS Travel Thursdays: A Quick Guide To Travelling Solo

A Quick Guide To Flying Solo Traveling is a natural habit buried deep in our DNAs. It is something that is easy to fall in love with and if it becomes a habit, it is definitely something hard to quit. Usually, when we travel, we are with friends, with family or other loved ones, butContinue reading “TOSS Travel Thursdays: A Quick Guide To Travelling Solo”

TOSS Travel Thursdays: How You Can Go Green In Your Travels

Recent events have lead people to think a long way. Starbucks banning the use of straws in a few years time? Check! Nowadays, the world has become aware of the alarming amount of plastics found in our oceans, in our lands, and within animals living with us. Did you even know that the Philippines has rankedContinue reading “TOSS Travel Thursdays: How You Can Go Green In Your Travels”

TOSS: Where To Go In Luzon To Deal with the Cold Weather Blues

Rainy days have arrived, gone were the days of sun and heat —and we say hello to cold and lazy days ahead. When we think of the rainy season, we would look forward to comfy clothes, hot drinks, and a good book. But what if craving for good comfort food kicks in? What if theContinue reading “TOSS: Where To Go In Luzon To Deal with the Cold Weather Blues”


I was pleasantly surprised the other day when the organising committee informed me that the poster and trailer of our film will kickstart the social media campaign of the festival leading to the gala and awarding night. In case news didn’t reach you yet, I’m talking about the first-ever Istorya ng Pag-Asa Film Festival, whichContinue reading “WATCH: ANG BIYAHE NI MARLON (2018) TRAILER”


Ang Biyahe Ni Marlon is our official entry to the first-ever Istorya ng Pag-Asa Film Festival organized by the Office of the Vice President and Ayala Foundation. This is a documentary short featuring Marlon Fuentes, a driver with Tourette Syndrome (T.S). Instead of being discouraged by people who look down on his condition, Marlon isContinue reading “ANG BIYAHE NI MARLON (2018) TEASER POSTER”