Florence M. Rosini is a creative director, content producer, digital marketer and multimedia specialist based in Manila, Philippines. See below some content and social media marketing tips:

Here’s a glimpse of the common copywriting process:
Clarify your objectives.
Identify your audience.
Verify your resources.
Detach. Relax.
Write your headline samples.
Write lead variations.
Write the body.
Add testimonials.
Leave it. Let it simmer.
Edit some hours later.
Pick the best headlines.
Edit again several hours later…
How to Write Effectively.
Write every day.
Stick to a routine.
Learn storytelling.
Study great writers.
Read books and good blogs.
Edit after writing, not while doing it.
Write and write again. It’s the only way you improve.

Before running a marketing campaign, set a defined goal.
• What do I want to achieve?
• How do I achieve this goal?
• What will this strategy cost me?
• How long will it take to get there?
If you rush in blind…
Failure will follow you out.
To be successful:
Don’t be afraid to fail
Communicate clearly
Control your thoughts
Practice gratitude daily
Manage your emotions
Set boundaries & say NO
Read & learn continuously
Be consistent above all else
Take full ownership of your life
Make health & exercise a top priority
Why does your digital marketing approach do not work?
People hate your marketing strategy because:
• You’re too pushy
• You never give value
• Awful user experience
• You lie about your offer
• You’re like everyone else
• You target the wrong people
• Your message is not relatable
• You don’t communicate the benefits.
Questions to ask before writing your marketing copy:
• Who am I writing to?
• How do they feel?
• What problem do they have?
• How do I want them to feel?
• Who else is solving the problem?
• What makes my solution stand out?
• Why should they listen to and trust me?