Mike de Leon’s CITIZEN JAKE invitational screening

So last Saturday at the UP Cine Adarna, I was at the invitational screening of Mike de Leon’s comeback film after almost two decades, CITIZEN JAKE. It was a full house featuring notable names from the showbiz industry. CITIZEN JAKE will have its public screening starting tomorrow, March 14. Check out the UP Cine Adarna’sContinue reading “Mike de Leon’s CITIZEN JAKE invitational screening”

PLM- Film Society

So you’re also into watching movies? A cinephile? A movie fan? A usual attendee in local film festivals? Want to Netflix and chill, as well? Me, too! When I was in college, I co-founded the PLM- Film Society with my friend and co-writer in the university publication. Let’s call him Macky Macarayan, a certified filmContinue reading “PLM- Film Society”