No we’re not talking about that red planet here. We’re talking about an informal term used by Filipinos to refer to their friends who are girls or women.  Can’t explain where it originated because honestly, I am still searching for a legit etymology of the word. (Anyone out there who has the lead is free to comment here! 🙂

Anyway, in 2012, GMA News TV launched a show for Filipino mothers. Fast forward five years, it is still existing and is still known to many as MARS. As we usher in our sixth year, I am delighted and proud to say that I have been part of the show since day one. I write for MARS, which is hosted by Camille Prats- Yambao and Suzi Entrata-Abrera.


Never had I imagined to write for a mommy show. I didn’t think I’d be the right person to do it. I guess we all go through that kind of hesitation every time we are assigned to a new project or about to face a new challenge. I have to say I am lucky because there were, and still are, trustworthy and credible people who are guiding me all through out this journey. And to be honest, the team is composed of a mix of crazy, fun and creative people who manage to survive each other’s quirks all these years!

mars 5tmars 5


I’d be glad to update you about our show, and all the fun paandar we do there as we give you an unforgettable night of chikahan to the Mars level! Will keep you posted!

Warm regards,

Mars Florence

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