CineTalk: Kidlat Tahimik

Today I decided to launch a new ‘segment’/ paandar in my website. This is CineTalk. Basically, it’s a feature of any filmmaker talking about filmmaking, movies, cinema.

In the first instalment (naks!), I’ll be sharing with you a footage of Kidlat Tahimik giving a talk during the 2018 Kape’t Pelikula #kp2018 held at the UP School of Economics.

As you would see later when you view the video, poor quality diba? Sorry na. Haha! 16 gig lang ang iphone ko. Trying to solve that problem. So what I did, I did a Facebook live of the event, then downloaded the videos from FB.

In the event, Kidlat talked about our ‘inner duwende’, and getting in touch with it! It’s basically our inner-spirit guide. He often talks about it during seminars and workshops. He also talked about the goddess of the wind in Ifugao. And the goddess of the wind of Hollywood— Marilyn Monroe.

Kidlat, or Eric De Guia (his real name), also talked about film festivals. “I’ve never joined a film festival to win a prize.”

On his advocacy: “Resist the temptation to work with Mother Lily.”

Below is the video:

kidlat tahimik cinetalk



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