Maricel Soriano for “Ikaw Pa Lang ang Minahal” via Maricel Soriano Official Fan page/Facebook

I posted a video last month about the digital restoration of this 1992 award-winning film called IKAW PA LANG ANG MINAHAL. It’s an adaptation of William Wyler’s THE HEIRESS, an American drama film released in 1949. It’s directed by Carlitos Siguion-Reyna, starring Maricel Soriano and Richard Gomez.

In an article published in the Philippine Daily Inquirer, the movie is “a story about a privileged young woman named Adela who has everything in life but love. Living in a mansion, she is the sole heiress to her father’s massive riches. However, she grew up enduring her father’s animosity toward her. This then strained their relationship making the already shy and aloof Adela confine herself in their mansion.

Her world changes when she meets the handsome and appealing David who she’d quickly fall in love with. Her father disapproves of their relationship doubting the man’s intentions for his daughter. But just as Adela decided she would give up everything for the man she loves, David backs out upon learning Adela won’t inherit her father’s wealth anymore.

Adela’s vengeance starts when she returns to their house to get back at the two men who caused her grave pain.”

Below is a very short video I made. Emphasis on the ‘very’ part because my phone died that night! Haha. Sorry!