WATCH: Lani Misalucha singing Anak

Interesting things have come up lately since I had more leisure time to pursue my passions. Coming from a very hectic schedule at work, I am taking time off to focus on my studies. Don’t worry, it’s just a week-long vacation. I am not a certified bum. Yet.

As I was ‘cleaning’ my hard drive, I’ve managed to pull out some videos I took years ago. And the one I’m sharing with you today is shot around 2013 during Christmas time. And it’s pretty amazing because I’ve forgotten that I actually wrote for Lani Misalucha, the Asia’s Nightingale, during her guesting in Mars.

In this video  — it’s just a short one! — it features Lani singing her version of the uber popular Freddie Aguilar song, “Anak”. I’ve seen Lani perform on TV and onstage, but this is the only time I’ve watched her sing live that close and in a very intimate setup. So imagine the goosebumps after the musical performance. It’s amazing! Sharing this with you now.

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