Rainy days have arrived, gone were the days of sun and heat —and we say hello to cold and lazy days ahead.

Picture11When we think of the rainy season, we would look forward to comfy clothes, hot drinks, and a good book. But what if craving for good comfort food kicks in? What if the travel itch needs to be scratched, would you let the rain stop you?

With those problems needed to be solved, here are the some places all over Luzon to satisfy your wants in one go:

  1. Pampanga


Like every province in Central Luzon, Pampanga is a melting pot of cultures from both North and South; hailed as the “Culinary Capital of the Philippines”, Pampanga is sure to give you a culinary experience you’ll wish to go back again.

Recommended dishes in Pampanga:

Picture2(Pictured in: Top (L-R): Sisig, Betute Tugak, Bottom (L-R): Bulanglang, Morcon)

  1. Ilocos Region


The Ilocos Region does not only have history trapped in the modern times, it is also home to Ilocano cuisine that will make that hours of journey more memorable not only to the heart but also to your stomach.

Recommended dishes in the Ilocos Region:


(Pictured in: Top(L-R): Sinanglaw, Ilocos Empanada, Bottom: Vigan Longganisa)

  1. Cordilleras


Though the Cordillera Region won’t be the first in-line when you think of rainy day escapades, nothing would beat nature in its most raw, plus, the chilly weather makes the journey a wee bit more adventurous. The Cordilleras will surely give you a culinary treat that feels like going back to the roots with foods made with simplicity and tradition.

Recommended dishes in Cordillera:


(Pictured in: Top (L-R): Pinikpikan, Pinuneg, Bottom (L-R): Binungor, Soup No. 5 )

  1. Batangas


Batangas is a well-known spot for nearby Summer getaways, where beaches sprawl all over the province. However during the rainy seasons, Batangas is also a place that would not usually pop-up in mind. However, this region like those up in this list, is popular for its regional delicacies. Moreover, its proximity to the metro gives you the opportunity to easily give in to cravings and enjoy a little road trip in pursuing it.

Recommended dishes in Batangas:

Picture8(Pictured in: Left: Batangas Lomi, Right: Goto)

  1. Tagaytay


Its all-year cold weather gives birth to nothing but the best of comfort foods to enjoy. Just like Batangas, its nearness to the capital region, gives you an easy access to comfort food whenever time permits.

Recommended dishes in Tagaytay:

Picture10(Pictured in: Top: Bulalo, Bottom (L-R): Coconut Cream Pie, Crispy Tawilis)

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P.S.: Pictures of Coconut Cream Pie, Goto and Batangas Lomi care of April Grace Garcia J