Recent events have lead people to think a long way. Starbucks banning the use of straws in a few years time? Check! Nowadays, the world has become aware of the alarming amount of plastics found in our oceans, in our lands, and within animals living with us.

Did you even know that the Philippines has ranked third among the worst plastic polluters in the world?? Thus, zero waste efforts are slowly making waves not only in the country but worldwide.

A small step in reducing the plastic we use every day and changing our habits gradually can go a long way for the place we live in. That is why here are some tips you can use to go green in your travels.

Make your handy water bottle your thirst quenching buddy.Instead of buying bottled water every time thirst catches up with you, why not try bringing reusable bottles? Bringing these does not only lessen your plastic consumption but also saves money. Instead of spending 10 or even as much as 25 pesos for a bottled water, using reusable water bottles only needs confidence to ask if there are refilling stations around.

Ditch single-use plastics and go with reusableTravels also lead to purchasing pasalubong for family and friends. Vendors in pasalubong centers usually use plastic bags for your purchase and since your family and friends have their own pabilin to be fulfilled, it would result to you having tons of plastic on hard. Bringing your reusable bags or eco bags, makes handling multiple things more convenient, plus looks more chic than plastic bags.

SegregateSome parks and a few hotels have bins to segregate your waste. This simple act of separating biodegradable to non-bio to recyclables goes a long way. Few establishments would use the biodegradables collected to create organic fertilizer. They might also sell the recyclables collected from their bins. So learn to discern which things you can put in the biodegradable bin, in the non-bio bin and the recyclable bin so that you can help these establishments in implementing proper waste disposal.

Don’t litterWe like snacking as we ride and go about in our travels. Packs of chips are usually a best friend to satisfy hunger while en route to our destinations. Candies, on the other hand, are handy to fight motion sickness. Now, if you see no trash bins around, then keep those wrappers in your pockets, because, you’ll never know where your trash might go if you just throw them away. 

Pick it up“Because I am one of the idiots who lives in it.” This line of Chris Pratt in Guardians of the Galaxy is something that we should really dwell on when we try to take one for Mother Earth. If other people cannot throw their trash on bins, then if you can and don’t mind doing so, just pick it up. In the long run, we’re doing it for Earth anyway so pick away!

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