where to go after a break up

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Where To Go After A Break-up And Some Songs To Accompany Your Trip (Part 1)

When looking for ways to mend a broken heart, why not go on a travel adventure that encourages you to do some soul-searching?

Yes, eating a tub of ice cream or eat-crying with chips while watching Bridget Jones’s Diary can put a bandaid on that broken heart of yours. But perhaps, when that fails, nothing beats Mother Nature and adventure combined to make you forget the ouchies of your break-up. Dash in some music into that combination and make that trip one for the books and imagine yourself in a travel music videos in which you are the protagonist and in the end, you’ll end up your own hero. Eat, Pray, Love anyone?

So, we’ve lined up, a list of places to go to mend that broken heart and (some) songs that can make your self-rediscovery more meaningful:

1. Mount Pinatubo x Caution To The Wind cover by Clara Benin


If there is one thing that can describe you after a break-up and Mount Pinatubo, that would be the words, beautiful disaster. If you are a beginner in mountain climbing, that is not a problem in conquering Mt. Pinatubo. This place is also a change of scenery from the expected greenery of your usual mountains, for it will serve you whites, greys, and ashes. Moreover, expect a lake to award you for conquering this mountain. As you climb higher, listening to Clara Benin’s rendition of “Caution To The Wind” gives the trip a mix of spunky and calm in a good way you never even might have imagined.

2. Isla Verde x Sa Hindi Pag-alala by Munimuni


Part of moving on is rediscovery. It is trying to live without that person whom you have always looked forward to be with, perhaps even the rest of your life. (Ouch for reliving unwanted memories though~!) Rediscovering what it was like to live on your own might be super uncomfortable. At first! And that’s usually a part of it especially in the beginning. One thing that Isla Verde can help you with in rediscovering yourself is its isolation from urbanity and most of the civilization. Sight and sound of ocean always have that calming effect and Munimuni’s calm yet moving narration of how a man finally decides to move on, prepares you to a world full of self-love and appreciation to people that will always have your back no matter what.

3. Taiwan x Overdrive by Eraserheads


Sometimes a whole change of scenery, a change of language we hear and to be in a place where everything is a bit foreign are collectively what we need to open our minds to the process of moving on. Taiwan is a land of contrasts, where modernity and greenery can be found. It is also a play on ancient and contemporary, which will surely make your mind wander along with your heart. A perfect song to accompany you in your trip to Taiwan is somewhat a staple to most Filipinos, Eraserheads’ “Overdrive” makes you forget the things needed to be out of mind and embraces the call of wanderlust wherever you are. Or perhaps a bit of F4, to relive your Meteor Garden memories eh!?

4. Bhutan x Leaves by Ben&Ben


If you are looking for something that is revitalizing, something that feels good even after it is long gone, a trip to Bhutan together with Ben&Ben’sLeaves” is a combination you will love to be remembered of every now and then. Bhutan is a kingdom in the Himalayas; it is a country covered with greens and mystery. Having a law that requires its land to be forested by at least 60%, this place is surely treat to those who loves nature, while its deep Buddhist culture will amaze those who love to explore new traditions and practices.

Traveling and music do wonders to make the soul feel rejuvenated. These are just few of the places and songs that can help you rediscover yourself as you welcome singlehood once more. Any more recommendations?

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