How You Can Plan That Perfect Barkada Getaway

Nandirito kami, ang barkada mong tunay

Aawit sa’yo

Sa lungkot at ligaya, hirap at ginhawa

Kami’y kasama mo

Your very own barkada are the people you can run to whenever we hit up rough patches or whenever we experience life’s bests (and worsts). When the barkada gets together, there is always that ruckus as to where to go and what to do. Familiar ba sa inyo, guys? So if you have been designated as a ringleader for that get-together, these are the things that can help you make sure that your barkada getaway will be as perfect as it can get.

1. Set-up a group conversation

In groups, to be able to do something collectively, we should get a group consensus. Majority wins. Setting up a group conversation online, whether via Viber or WhatsApp, will help you organize your trip without the need for a physical meeting. These days, we know that everyone is busy so instead of having weekly meet-ups that could eat up your time, why not convene online?

Ideas as to where to go, what to do, itineraries to create, food to eat, whose car will be used by who … these things can be sorted with a group conversation that is just a click away. Note that polls can now be created in these group conversations so getting that consensus becomes faster.

2. Set a date

After a group conversation is created, time to settle a date where most of you/ majority of the participants are available. Setting the date can also eliminate the possibility of confusion. This gives everyone an idea of the final headcount which is crucial in planning a trip.


Now that a date has been set, time to know how much each can spend for the trip. Including transportation costs and lodging. This will help you know your spending power as a group and will help you decide where you can go, where you can stay and what you can eat in your trip… altogether of course.

4. Budget and Research

Now that you have an idea as to how much each one can give, time to look for places to go and to stay. With your spending capability in mind, give your friends an idea as to what your money as a group can offer all of you. Set aside money for food that can fit for the number of days you’d be in the place and know group-friendly activities that everyone can enjoy so that more memories and shared experiences can be created.


In Filipino, toka means to be in charge of something. Know which friends can lend their car to the trip. This will lessen your transportation budget, because instead of commuting, the budget can be converted to gas money. Know who can cook, marinate, shop ahead of time to lessen kitchen preps. Know which friends can do which tasks so that your burden as a ringleader will be lessened. After all, this trip is not just for them, but also for you to enjoy.

Barkada trips are always fun and exciting. And you can lessen the hassle if you plan ahead as a group! There will always something to be put into your barkada photo albums. With this short guide, you will be able to create that perfect barkada getaway for all.

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