MARS MONDAY: Lovely Rivero and Eagle Riggs

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

On the last day of the Mars October’s Best Bazaar, Eagle Riggs and Lovely Rivero bring the fun to the discussion when they reveal their secrets in True Lies. Guess who’s partially deaf and guess who among them does not use a deodorant due to allergy. Are they truths or lies?
Since Mars is about sharing, Lovely showcases her mother’s recipe which is an all-time favorite of hers. It’s called the Crispy Fish Fillet with Sweet Spicy Sauce! Find out the special ingredient that makes it extra crispy! Clue, it’s very affordable and accessible!
Eagle is also teaching us something new. For those who can’t afford a high-class oven, turn your flower pot into one! How? Better see it for yourself on this episode.
To cap off the show, the hosts and guests will face off in an intense Forbidden Word challenge that tests their vocabulary and guessing skills.
Make sure to tune in tonight on Mars!

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