MARS MONDAY: Paul Salas and Jim Salas of Universal Motion Dancers

It will be the first time that father and son Paul and Jim Salas will headline MARS. Suzi and Camille will surely give them a warm welcome especially to Paul whose back to being a Kapuso after so many years! The guys are set to make it an unforgettable guesting because each of them has his own paandar!

Being a self-confessed basketball fan, Paul gives us a step-by-step guide to make a trash bin inspired by basketball! And Jim shows off his signature dance moves that make us reminisce the 90s when he was with the Universal Motion Dancers.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

For Huwebest, a special Honey Ribs recipe will be prepared by Chef Karl Kaw. Sarap to the bones, indeed. So be sure to tune in at 7 tonight on Mars on GMA NEWS TV!

Published by Florence Rosini

I am a PR, content, and multimedia specialist based in Manila who has over eight years of experience with award-winning brands and leading institutions. My job has allowed me to write, direct and produce content for GMA Network, UNICEF, Kumu, BeLive, Tickled Media, Cultural Center of the Philippines, Summit Media, Miss World Philippines, Philippine Daily Inquirer and more. I also advocate quality education so I teach in CIIT, while taking up my Media Studies major in Film course in the University of Philippines. Let's collaborate! Message me at

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