I thought it was only a month but what, it took me around three months to get back into writing! So many things have happened and I totally lost track of time!

I must say 2019 is a year of many firsts! First time to really take a break from work to focus on film school, first time to write for digital programs and online content for GMA, first time to be a content producer both for on-air and online for Glow Up and first time to write for Starstruck, which is now on its 7th season! First time to be included as well in a startup ad agency founded by long-time freelancers!

Many times I have been extremely exhausted but I do not like to develop a habit of complaning because I really just want to focus on being thankful that opportunities have been coming my way when I had least expected them to be. We have to stay thankful to be grounded. Otherwise, we’ll never be contented.

Anyway, I’m also announcing a big news soon as I am about to begin another worthy cause! But for now, let’s enjoy the peaceful and breezy Sunday that is today! 🙂