So I have been worried for days since i encountered a ‘memory full’ storage problem after updating to iOS 13. As someone who cant just wipe out data right then and there on her phone because calls and updates were expected over the weekend, i’ve become restless since i was left with only 2 gig(!). I’ve bought a fone with large storage bec i was anticipating run and gun shoots and frequent exchange of huge files in my job. It wasnt a splurge, it’s actually an investment.

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The problem, which i only understood later on, is that my ‘other’ data storage had ballooned up to almost 103 gig (can tou just imagine my shock?!) And the worst part is i dont know how to get rid of them to free up eaten storage. When I delete media files, text messages or apps, the ‘other data’ would only increase!

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After much research this ‘other’ data are actually accummulated log, cache, temp files over the years, and sometimes corrupted info that you had unknowingly encountered during updating your iOS.So my takeaway for all the iphone users out there: dont update if it’s not necessary. I never did! Not until last week. I had to do it thinking it would fix my camera bug error after i dropped my fone and the rear cam was not working. !but the update did not solve that so I had to have the rear cam changed! Side story: i was charged waaaay lower at this repair shop in SM North EDSA annex than the legit Apple Service center there. I saved more than 50%! The service center would have charged me 4k-5k for a two-week turn around time. But the repair, which i got to witness firsthand, lasted only less than 30 minutes. After that, i got my phone back! And the cam was working!Also, regularly backup your data on your PC/mac/ icloud. Because once you keep a lot of photos or videos, chances are it will build up temp files and other data that would be ‘absorbed’ by the system instead of its usual ‘replenishing’ cycle when you backup and delete unneeded files.Super hassle to be erasing content and restoring them on your phone when youre always on the go, not to mention, if youre in the midst of the Holiday rush!


So if you encounter this problem, there are a lot of resources online where you can learn from. Now after the reset, ive found out i have around 105 gig AVAILABLE memory! That’s a huge progress!!! I’m happy but I wish i didnt have to reset -restore! 😞 hahahuhuHappy Monday all! ❤️❤️❤️