Aside from being the editor-in-chief of the university publication, I really had fun putting up the first and only film organization in PLM. I do not know where I got the time, energy and enthusiasm to do a lot of things all at once!

I co-founded PLM Film Society with one of my editors in the school paper. We were what you call movie buffs. From Intramuros, we used to go to EDSA Shang to watch the movies in the French Film Festival. We also spent weekends watching free films at the nearby Spanish cultural center in Kalaw called Instituto Cervantes. Of course, there was #Cinemalaya!

Fast forward 2021 and a member of the UST Thomasian Film Society invited me to speak at their general assembly. I just had a wonderful time sharing my experience and insights. I was once like them – young, ambitious and wanted to just churn out a lot of content. What a great weekend!

Thank you #UniversityofSantoTomas for having me!

I wanted to name my talk “Reel to Real: A Career in Filmmaking” because these students want to know more about the local film industry. Questions like “how to be a filmmaker?”, “Where do I start”, etc were things they wanted to know more about.

Are you also looking for someone to share with you her experience about the TV and film industry in the Philippines? Slide a DM or email me at! Would love to share my experience and insights!

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