This week on Taste Buddies, puntahan natin ang dalawang kilig destinations sa Tagaytay! Feel the romantic vibes kasama sina Dave Bornea at Lindsay De Vera.


For an afternoon chillax time with your bae or honey, head over to Dreamland Arts And Café. Hindi lang yummy food and refreshing drinks ang aabangan, dahil instagram-worthy place rin ang maabutan! Pusuan na ang pics na ‘yan!


Love for Pinoy comfort food naman ang vibes sa Café D’ Amore! Ang kanilang pambato na Pinoy favorites tulad ng kare-kare, lumpia atbp, titikman nina Solenn at Rhian kasama sina Dave at Lindsey!


Kaya tutok na sa romantic getaway with your Taste Buddies sa Tagaytay! This Saturday, 8:40 p.m. on GMA News TV!

My journey to MARS


No we’re not talking about that red planet here. We’re talking about an informal term used by Filipinos to refer to their friends who are girls or women.  Can’t explain where it originated because honestly, I am still searching for a legit etymology of the word. (Anyone out there who has the lead is free to comment here! 🙂

Anyway, in 2012, GMA News TV launched a show for Filipino mothers. Fast forward five years, it is still existing and is still known to many as MARS. As we usher in our sixth year, I am delighted and proud to say that I have been part of the show since day one. I write for MARS, which is hosted by Camille Prats- Yambao and Suzi Entrata-Abrera.


Never had I imagined to write for a mommy show. I didn’t think I’d be the right person to do it. I guess we all go through that kind of hesitation every time we are assigned to a new project or about to face a new challenge. I have to say I am lucky because there were, and still are, trustworthy and credible people who are guiding me all through out this journey. And to be honest, the team is composed of a mix of crazy, fun and creative people who manage to survive each other’s quirks all these years!

mars 5tmars 5


I’d be glad to update you about our show, and all the fun paandar we do there as we give you an unforgettable night of chikahan to the Mars level! Will keep you posted!

Warm regards,

Mars Florence

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Get ready to witness your fit and fierce Taste Buddies this Saturday!

While some are scared to face their fear of heights, hosts Solenn Heussaff and Rhian Ramos prove that they can defy gravity… the flying trapeze style!

The girls, together with Matthias Rhoads, Mona Lisa Nueboeck and Krisha Francisco, who are from the newest GMA News TV reality show ‘Fiercest of Them All’, are all game to fly high at the Flying Trapeze School in BGC! Can they do the task successfully? Find out this Saturday!

The Taste Buddies gang also goes to Zhu Kitchen in BGC, which is a home of fresh and MSG-free Chinese recipes! Chef Karl Kaw has prepared a one-of-a-kind, mouth-watering surprise for all of them! Yum!!

Meanwhile, the guys from the Kapuso boyband One Up, raid a food park in Quezon City! They’re all set to show off their signature Patikim Boys moves!

So be sure to tune in this Saturday for a fresh, fun, fab and fierce experience with your Taste Buddies! Catch it on GMA News TV at 8:45 pm!




Taste Buddies, uhm, what is it?

It’s a show that airs on GMA News TV every Saturday night with Solenn Heussaff and Rhian Ramos as the hosts. The show is basically where we see the fresh, fun and fab adventures of Solenn and Rhian.  Food tasting, and a whole lot more with the girls!

taste buddies

I have been with TASTE BUDDIES as a writer for almost six years now. It started with Solenn and Isabelle Daza, aka Belle, as the hosts back in its early years. But when Belle decided to move to the rival TV network, ABS-CBN, we were down with only Solenn. So who will be her Taste Buddy? Luckily, Iya Villania, who was a new GMA talent that year after she switched networks, was available to do the part.


Just like with Belle, Iya shared a lot of exciting experiences with Solenn. From the foodie adventures to the physical challenges that only strengthened their relationship from acquaintance to friends.

heart solenn iya
Iya, Heart Evangelista and Solenn

And then the whole preggy situation came: Iya got pregnant with her first child with hubby, Drew Arellano. And we were back to the search of a new host. This is where Rhian came along.

I truly have a great time on the show. Everybody is fun to work with: from the hosts to the staff. And I have been learning a lot from them. Who, also, wouldn’t enjoy a show that features a lot of food (!!) in it: new food concepts, trending dining experiences, and a whole bunch of fun adventures in it? Like trying the Trapeze school in BGC, challenging celebrity guests like Bea Binene and Joemarie Nielsen to different physical activities in Camp N in Nuvali, or a fashionista face-off with Max Collins. And these are just a few!




Will be happy to write my experience with the team. So from this day onwards, let me share with you my adventures with… TASTE BUDDIES!


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What you should pack in your Travel Kit

TOSS: Travel Kit Must-Haves

No matter where you’re heading for your next travel, there are few must-have items that will make everything run a bit more efficiently. Get to know four items that will make a handy Must-Have Travel Kit.

There are countless ways to use a bandanna: hair tie, headband, scarf, hand towel, lens cleaner and even cooling device (when dampened)! It can even transform to a hobo handbag to tote your travel items.




It’s not just for drinking! An empty travel mug can be used to avoid scratch and carry sunglasses. Just make sure you secure the screw top.

travel mug


You can clean your dirty hands with these (or just about any body part!). And they’re also helpful to wipe of dust off tables, doorknobs and other public spaces. Plus, on a sunny day, you can use them to refresh your face.




Maximize them by making them as handy organizers (toiletries, make-up, etc). They’re also multi-purpose: storing food items like crackers, candies, etc; separating wet items from dry ones; and storing different currencies.



To be hassle-free on your next travel, don’t forget to pack these.

Let’s travel pa more!


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Why it’s more fun in the Philippines

Why it’s more fun in the Philippines…

Traveling is enriching. Not only do you get to take home with you some souvenir items, but more importantly, you get to treasure priceless memories. But before jet setting all over the world, take time to explore your home land.

Here in the Philippines, we’ve got a lot of recognised tourist spots that are so fascinatingly beautiful, it makes you proud to be living in a country that is blessed with so much natural resources.

So here are the top reasons why you should travel in the Philippines:

1. Nature, Paradise Beaches and Idyllic Islands

Boracay. Palawan. Caramoan. These majestic islands have earned the praise from both local and international tourists and travel guides. People from all over the world rave about how beautiful and lush these islands are. And these are just few of the notable spots that get everyone talking (and flocking)… We’ve got 7,104 islands more for you to choose from to get that perfect sun-kissed getaway! All you have to do is choose and plan the trip now!

Taken in Palaui, Cagayan Valley, Philippines (2016)

2. People and the Culture

You have to admit it, Filipinos are friendly, accommodating and hospitable. It is just the way we naturally are, be it to fellow Pinoys or foreigners. In fiestas, we invite people—even those we don’t know– to eat inside our house for them to taste our home-cooked meals! Also, much to the appreciation of tourists, we gladly entertain their queries whenever they’re lost or in need of some expert piece of advice where to go next. In the Philippines, it’s not just the weather that is sunny, people are also warm.

Taken in Bontoc, Mountain Province (2013)

3. Food

Pinoys love to eat! And it obviously shows everywhere- from buffets to “unli” meals. Aside from our very own mouth-watering specialties such as adobo, kare-kare and sinigang, we’ve also got intriguing exotic delicacies like balut, kamaro, stuffed frogs and so much more. Since we’re an archipelago, sea foods are also very much available almost everywhere we go. They’re served fresh at an affordable price.

Photo not mine. Found in Google Image.

4. Language

We’ve got one official language which is Filipino, and several dialects, but we’re also very much proficient in the “universal language”—English. This makes it easier for us to communicate with people other than our own.

So what are you waiting for? Go and explore, after all, it’s more fun in the Philippines!


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PLM- Film Society

So you’re also into watching movies? A cinephile? A movie fan? A usual attendee in local film festivals? Want to Netflix and chill, as well? Me, too!

When I was in college, I co-founded the PLM- Film Society with my friend and co-writer in the university publication. Let’s call him Macky Macarayan, a certified film buff who will soon be pursuing his MA in Film at UP Film Institute this year! Yay!

Back then, we felt the need to create a hub / an avenue to boost film literacy in the University. There was no film-related organization in Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila (PLM) that time. I must admit, between the two of us, it was (Kuya) Macky who was more keen in putting up the org. The man is addicted to movies! It’s evident in his blog which you can access here.

Here’s how we defined Film Soc as seen in our page:

The Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila- Film Society is a non-academic organization of this university. The society aims to promote and initiate activities and projects that will cater to development of film literacy and film culture among its members.

Fast forward six years, here we are and still existing! I am excited to welcome more years ahead! If you’re a film buff, hope you can join us, too!

filmsoc dp.jpg


Cheers! Long live cinema!

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Travel Pa More!

Travel On a Shoe String…

Ever heard of this term?

This means, “Traveling the cheapest way possible. Staying at the cheapest hotels or hostels, going to free exhibits or museums. Using public transportation to get places because it’s typically cheaper than commercial transporation or driving a car,” according to a Yahoo! user on this post.

If you are a wanderlust and a backpacker just like me, you will love the affordable deals and discounted rates offered by TOSS or Travel On a ShoeString!

It’s a travel agency that I co-manage ever since 2014. We’re going strong after being in the business for more than three years already. How time flies so fast! You can always message me here to know the details about this or e-mail at tosstravelandtours@gmail.com. 

For more information about our work, visit our Facebook page!

Tara na and let’s travel pa more!


Travel Pa More!

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Warm welcome!

Struggling to get your message across to your target market? Clueless on how to craft your multimedia content? Need help about production and brand management?

With new media as the go-to platform these days, the demand for multimedia specialists has been on the rise. I am here to help. I am a PR, content, and multimedia specialist based in Manila who has over eight years of experience with award-winning brands and leading institutions.

My job has allowed me to write, direct and produce content for GMA Network, UNICEF, Kumu, BeLive, Tickled Media, Cultural Center of the Philippines, Summit Media, Miss World Philippines, Philippine Daily Inquirer and more. I also advocate quality education so I teach in CIIT, while taking up my Media Studies major in Film course in the University of Philippines.

When I am not at work, I try to give back and pay it forward by engaging in community outreach programs with Team Enlighten, a group of individuals who met through a retreat organized by The Feast Bay Area Manila.

This website is a platform for you to get to know my work on tri-media, my interests on books and movies, and my advocacy on education. I believe in the power of partnership and collaboration and I look forward to partner with you!

Let’s collaborate! Message me at info@florencerosini.com

Thank you!

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